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Puma x WAD x PT3

So last thursday I was invited to the PT3 Puma Table Tennis Tournament that was thrown at the Virgin Megastore in Paris. A great moment where I cheered for my friends who unfortunately didn’t made it to the finals lol. Anyways it was a good time and we all laughed really hard! Here are some pictures of the event =)  let’s play  the players  Guess who caught…

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Grazia Shoe Party !!

Yay!! yesterday I attended the Grazia shoe party at a big department store. They presented a few exclusive models of various famous shoe brand such as Schutz, Miu Miu, Jimmy Choo …Unfortunately I took pictures with my iPhone so the quality is not there lol Enjoy!…

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Hitting The Streets: Intelligent women, who wants them?

 So funny! I love his channel, this guy is so funny but real with his sayings, like he would really give his opinion no matter what people else think. His videos are just insane!!I think guys like dumb girls because they’re just easier to handle if you want a short term relationship but when it comes to your real girlfriend or wife I don’t think…

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Whats new in my beauty closet

 Here’s an overview of the new products I just got this month HAIR Leonor Greyl : Gentle volumizing shampoo / reviviscence shampoo for dehydrated hair Actually I’ve been using them for a while now especially the Leonor Greyl which I looove! I’ve been using them for years, they’re a little expensive but they last long. I don’t usually but a lot of shampoo in my hair because I feel like…

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PUMA x Meeting Areva x Usain Bolt part.2

Some other pictures of the event =)…

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PUMA x Meeting Areva x Usain Bolt

  Okay so maybe you missed something… I’m back to Paris for a while just to take care of a few things maybe I’m gonna stay there for the whole summer. Anyways I came back last week, and it was such a rush with all the things I had to do I didnt get much time to post anything. As you can read it, this…

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Fun times in Montreal

I made a little video of some of my fun times in Montreal with my girlfriends lol ! Just playing with the new iMovie features ^^ [youtube]…

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Cecilia Linval is a French Caribbean lifestyle blogger with a focus on beauty and travel. Cecilia's expertise also includes digital communication & marketing which she provides consulting services.

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