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Soft hands in no time?

Still in my winter skincare routine…  I purchased those deep moisture hand mask from the Korean brand Purederm – Botanical Choice If you do a lot of cleaning in your house and get your hands like super dry or if it’s just the cold that’s getting you dry you should try these out! The instructions behind are in korean but you basically have to wash…

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Beauty time

To those of you who hate cosmetics who are just not into it you can skip this article. I’ve just gotten a little crazy last week on new products… First let me explain myself :  Since its freezing cold and its the time of the year when I get super grumpy with all the wind, rain, clouds, you know winter… lol I HATE it! My…

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Happy Hell-oween

 Last week-end was Halloween!! I really enjoy this time of the year, I get to dress-up and watch scary movies with my friends and its so much fun.This year I threw a halloween house party with my pals and we tried to get dressed as celebrities from the music business, movies, tv and video game characters too. We had a lot of fun trying to…

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I almost forgot to tell you my story … wamp wampBasically I’m a young woman, in my mid-20’s, living in the Paris area in France for a while and I work in public relations (press/media) in the fashion/beauty industry.I’ve had my first blog at 15 and since I’ve been writing here and there, building, erasing and building again =) after all life is all about changes and I…

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The famous fashion magazine has just released its first magazine and I have it =D !! If you didn’t know Style is the #1 source for fashion news, you can basically find almost anything there, from new designers, to the pictures of the runways and collections its a huge thing! This first Spring 2012 issue is nice and I like it’s content BUT I have…

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Welcome back!

As far as I’ve been almost reported MIA from the blogosphere I’ve been thinking a lot and decided to have a smaller blog where it could be more personal and just a cosy place =)Hope you’ll still be following my lead! Love, Cici…

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Ladies night

Just a regular night out with my friends at the Juicy Sunday’s event in Paris, I just found out there was a hip hop event at the MK2 Cafe the 13th district and I loved it. The place is really nice and classy with red everywhere. We ate ceasar salads, fries and wine for around 25 box which is all good. The event starts around 6pm…

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Happy Beaubourg !

Wednesday I was invited to celebrate the 1st bday of the famous french urban store Citadium.  Had a great time with my friends sipping beers, biting on delicious hot dogs and dancing around feeling the groove of a few live bands. It was dope!  Slurp My friend Marine and I posing =)  Of course I had to give it a try lol!…

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cecilia linval

Cecilia Linval is a French Caribbean lifestyle blogger with a focus on beauty and travel. Cecilia's expertise also includes digital communication & marketing which she provides consulting services.

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