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Deep hydration from Korea

Such a great discovery this month : the Dr. Jart sheet masks!!
I heard and read a few good things about this Korean skincare brand while searching for cool korean products to try. Since the beauty world has been talking about this for quite a while (I know better late than never right?) So here I am, on my skincare quest, looking for new products to help my skin transition from summer to fall/winter (which by the way was a slap in the face here in Paris).My skin was getting super dry and dull and I had to find a super hydrating mask to help.
As I’m getting older, I try to focus more on my skin, making sure it’s well hydrated (I used to avoid moisturisers because of my combination skin and now I can’t live without them), I learned so much more about my skin by trying different things, reading articles, asking advice to in-store beauty advisors really helped with the process. I also believe that investing in the right products makes the difference too.
First of all not everyone loves sheet masks but I DO!! I think it adds something extra to the ritual and it’s kind of funny to wear. And you now how obsessed I am with my masks!
Made of fine cellulose fiber, this lightweight mask allows pores to fully absorb essential nutrients  and immediately hydrates dry skin, enhances moisture retention and strengthen barrier function. And it only costs 6€/6$ !!
Here’s where to find it :

Here’s how its recommended to use it : 

Dr Jart Vital Hydra Solution CiciOnline

Dr Jart Vital Hydra Solution review by Cici Online

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