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Summertime Chic #1 – Summer Cat Blues

Hey ladies I hope you are well, I’m writing to you from my country house where I’ve been spending/working/hiding for a week with my family.
It feels good to get out of the city and just have a peaceful getaway with my loved ones.
After quite a hectic 1st part of the year I sort of needed fresh air away, far away from people.
I decided to give a little revamp to this blog, with a little more corporate articles since most of my readers are young professionals or future graduates. So hopefully it should happen real soon =)
As I will be going through major changes in my life this fall I want you guys to be part of it.
Now let’s talk about the purpose of this Summertime Chic series which will be in 3 parts.
I picked 3 of my go-to summer outfits which are pretty versatile.
These 3 outfits can totally work for day-to-night occasions, beach day, city day or even office days!
I did not plan a sweet escape like most of summers so I didn’t feel the need to splurge on a lot of summer dresses and other stuff. I’d rather splurge on good fall pieces  like boots or coats.
Anyways let’s get into my first outfit ! Special shoutout to my friend Margot who took all the pictures !
I picked this jumpsuit at Forever 21 which is a store I only go to buy cheap summer dresses and sportswear. I’m not a huge fan of the quality but sometimes they have fun pieces easy to wear and trendy.
This navy jumpsuit was only 21€ by the way !!





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