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Top 10 Hair Favorites

Hey dolls!! I know it’s been a while since I did a hair post so I wanted to share my 10 favorite hair products this year.
Now let’s talk a bit about my hair =) 2014 was a big hair year for me since I started installing a weave on it.
The first time I did was for summer, I wanted to give it a try for more practical reasons.

But when I took it off after my vacation I noticed an incredible hair growth and improvement of my hair quality. It was thicker and so much healthier. So, I figured why not go on with this style after leaving my natural hair out for a month.

It kind of was a new process for me because I’ve never hidden my real hair even though I’ve worn extensions before they were added to my hair. To be honest the weave is a lot more practical for me especially when I’m rushing out for work and also because it prevents me to do more damage to my hair even though I don’t relax them anymore.
The products included in this post are the ones I used for my natural hair as well as my extensions.
I take off my weave once every month and a half, let my natural hair out for at least 2 weeks and no matter what I still shampoo every week (natural or weave)

Let’s talk about the products now ! =)

 For my natural hair, I’ve been really into the Kerastase Oleo-Relax products, they give  a great nutrition to my hair and smell so good.
It has helped reduce the volume (i have a lot of hair),  it leaves it really soft ,silky and also helps a lot with the usually painful detangling.

I’ve been using these 3 products from the Oleo Relax range :
1 – Bain Oleo-Relax
2 – Masque Oleo Relax
3 – Masque Oleo Relax Nuit
(I’ve been using this night and day as a leave-in conditioner on wet or dry hair)
I also apply a little bit of the mask when I have my weave. It gives it an amazing extra boost and shine.
4 – Kerastase Gloss Appeal
This is my go-to shine product for a night out after using my oil and finishing spray i add a little coat of this glossy spray

Most of the products listed in this post are kind of high-end products and on the pricey side and I know there are cheaper options out there but these are what works best for my type of hair.
I’ve been trying so many products so if I find myself repurchasing something it means the love is real lol !
Matrix Clean Remix dry shampoo :
This is my go-to product for my weave days.
I recently gave a try to dry shampoo because as some you ladies know, wearing a weave is not the most comfortable thing lol and I like to keep it as fresh as I can.
I haven’t tried other dry shampoos but this one did the job and so far I use it almost every morning.
Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer  :
First let me just say that I’m not a daily hairspray user because it’s usually hard to find something that holds without the crunchy side effect.
Also because it has alcohol it dries my hair so I try to keep it low and only apply it when necessary. Meaning when I straighten my hair or for a night out/event.
This finishing spray has been in my vanity for more than I year and it gives me a light and very buildable hold when needed. Plus it smells really good and you won’t end up coughing your lunges out after using it. I also figured that I had to use layering to increase the hold level.
I know it’s pricey but since I don’t use it that much I know it will last for a few more years.
Pureology split-end serum :
I’ve been using this serum for a while on my weave after dying it a lot of time and keeping it fresh I also apply it on my natural hair to repair all my split-ends after my shampoo and time to times on my very split ends. It was a gift from my co-workers so to be honest I wouldn’t usually spend that much on such products but after trying it out I saw impressive results.
Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine :
This oil has been doing wonders for me. I’ve only been using it for 2 months and it’s done such a great job! It gives amazing hydration and shine instantly.
It’s a combination of oils and the fabulous part is that you can apply it multiple ways : It can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment, as well as added to conditioner or mask for extra boost.
You can also apply it on dry hair on a daily basis use or before blow-drying.
Finally this oil is great for the skin especially during winter to fight dryness.
It might seem gross but I usually apply the excess oil on my body after using it for my hair.
PhytoSpecific Thermoperfect 8 :
I’ve only used this product once when I wanted to straighten my weave for a night out and it helped a lot. I will stay it’s one of the best products to protect and help blow dry and flat iron my hair so far.
The texture gives a very hydrating feeling on the hair and lots of flexibility. Which gives such a perfect natural finish look. I will use it again for sure.
10 PhytoSpecific Baobab Oil :
Well last but not least, this Baobab Oil also from PhytoSpecific which, if you read my blog is one of my all time favorite. I recently finished my first bottle (it lasted me about 6 months after ‘abusive’ use) Phyto just gifted me with this oil for the new year which made me the happiest person in the whole world! I can’t tell you how good it is you have to try it. It saved my hair and was my best help after I decided to transition my hair back to natural.
Obviously this is so precious to me that I keep it only for my natural hair and my leave-out when I have a weave!
Hope you ladies enjoyed this list of my favorite hair products!
Let me know it you have any articles suggestions!
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