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I recently changed my old iPhone so I thought it could be interesting to share the apps that are on my new iPhone.
I’m not that much of a tech person and I tend to use my phone mostly for calls, emails, browsing the web, taking pictures and listening to music.
So please if you have good apps ideas make sure to share them on the comment box down bellow!


Ok so let’s start with the main screen, basically most of my apps are organized by category.
I don’t really like having them all over the place but let’s be real it’s not always neat.
As you can see my main folders are Travel, Social, Photography, Games, Health and Productivity.
I will go through these folders so that you can see what’s there.
And for privacy purposes I won’t show you everything that’s on my phone 🙂
On my main screen you can see most of the apps that comes with every iPhone.
I love using Passbook for when I’m traveling it keeps all my info very handy.
Social :
 Here are the apps that drain all my battery :[
I’m always posting something on social media!
Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Pages for my Cici Online Page |
Facebook | Messenger | Snapchat | Viber | WhatsApp | Pinterest
I think it’s useless to go through them since most of you know them!


Photography :
This is where I keep my tools for my photos, VSCOcam is what I use to edit, I love the filters.
Squaready is my favorite app to put white squares around my pictures.
Aviary is also for editing but I don’t use it that much
Productivity :
Blogger : Perfect when I want to blog on the go
Google Drive : What I use to transfer files from my phone to my laptop or work
Linkedin : Amazing for professional networking
BuzzFeed : Always interesting to read
Spotify : When I don’t know what kind of music to play or when I have people over


iBooks :
Here is my book collection on iBooks. I recently started to store books that I read in the morning and at night on my ways to work or home.
Travel :
RATP : Parisian transportation app 🙂
SNCF : To book train tickets on European rails
UBER : Private driver (What would I do without Uber!!!)
Since I don’t have a car, I usually go for Uber when I go out late and/or I have crazy busy days
AirFrance : This is where I check my miles, flight information and boarding passes.
It works with Passbook!
VELIB : Parisian app to rent a bike. Perfect for summer!!
XE: Currency rates
YELP : Perfect app to check out the latest hot spots wherever you are
VOGUES ADDRESSES : Parisian hot spots selected by Vogue
MK2 : The app I use to get my movie tickets and skip the lines
Games :
To be honest I don’t play that much on my phone. Only when I’m in the public transportation or in the waiting room somewhere.
But my all time favorite phone games I could play for hours are DiamondDash and 2048.
DiamonDash : Because diamonds are a girl’s best friends and because it’s awesome
2048: OMG I’m addicted to this game! You should check it out
Ok so I hope you liked this article. A little bit different from what I usually do!
See you soon!


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