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Lazy Sunday Stuff

After a long and busy week I like to keep most of my Sundays free to stay home, chill or visit my family.
I also try my best not to go out on Sunday nights so that can have the necessary extra boost to start my week the best way.
I thought it could be cool for me to share with you some of my go-to products when it comes to my lazy days
I don’t necessary have a routine for Sundays, I like to take time to read, try new products, blog and spend time with my family.
Let’s start off with readings! I love to take time to dig-in my magazines and books for a couple of hours, I love women/lifestyle magazines not only because it gives me inspiration and information on interesting topics (not in all magazines obviously) but also for work so that I keep a look on what’s going on in the industry (trends, new products and stuff0
I think it would be smart for me to get a ipad/tab instead of buying more & more paper that ends up piling in a corner of my room or in the garbage. (No bueno)
Of course November is the month for the early holiday issues so lots of products featured!
I like reading french and international press so that I can have different ways of thinking, lucky for me I brought back some stuff from my NYC trip.
One of the best things in France is that magazines are really affordable compared to the US or Canada where you have to spend more than 6$ for your issue of Glamour magazine.
Now let’s move on to the beauty part! As most of us Sundays are pampering days. I like to give myself spa treatments from the at-home little treats to hotel spas.
This Sunday was kind of lazy at home treats including face wipes, hand, body lotion and lip balm.
I wanted to try products I brought from my trip. I guess it’s just an excuse to put a ton of products and enjoy!
Of course my new favorite sleep mask which is perfect for my naps haha.
Let’s not forget one of my go-to treats : sour candy!! yummm!!


Face wipes – Yes to grapefruit
Hand Lotion – EOS
Lipbalm – EOS
Body spray – Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction
Body lotion – Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction 
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