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What’s in my Make-up bag?

Hi ladies! So I’ve been requested of twitter to do a what’s in my makeup bag post.
Not a lot of stuff to be honest, I got this little makeup bag pouch from Marc by Marc Jacobs, it’s really handy and the pop color makes it easy to spot in my bag.
I try to keep it simple and as you can see it’s more focused on the lips.
One of my go-to beauty item will always be a lip product because it can take you from bad morning face to Hollywood glam in seconds.
Other go-to beauty item are travel-size or sample products. I try to keep all the samples I get when shopping so that I’ll have them in my makeup bag and I can switch. Same for traveling.
That way you’re sure to have all your favorite products without over packing.
I like my bag to be as light as possible so I won’t carry full size products except small ones.
Let’s take a closer look to what’s in my makeup bag shall we?!


 As previously mentioned I keep a lot of lip products in my bag so that if I have to run into a meeting or an even I’m covered.
Lip products :
Kiehl’s Lip Balm / NYX Butter lipstick in Licorice / YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush in #10 Nude Insolent  / Giorgio Armani lipstick in #109
Eye products :
YSL palette Les Bleus Lumière / Chanel Le Volume mascara /
Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in #1 /
Face products :
Giorgio Armani Youth Regenerator / Avene Skin Recovery cream
Fragrances :
YSL Manifesto / 1969 Histoiresdeparfums
This other pouch is from H&M and it’s a lot smaller so I usually go for this one when I go out or just want to clean the other one. I also use this one when traveling for my in-flight items (mask, earphones etc)
I’ll make a what’s in my travel bag post when I’ll be flying (hopefully pretty soon!)
Hope you liked this post!
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