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NYX Cosmetics x Press Event in Paris

I was really glad to attend the first NYX Cosmetics in Paris today, in an intimate location near the Tuileries, the NYX team took over and presented they’re new collection following the guidelines of  makeup artists who took the time to go deep on the subject.
Talking textures, pigmentation and quality of the products.
I gotta say I was not expecting such a good quality since their products are so unexpensive but the eye shadows and lipsticks had a good coverage and bright colors.
Another big plus from the brand is that the ranges are pretty extended to suit every skin tone which is something rare in France for lot’s of brands.
We were able to try pretty much everything that was there which is awesome since the NYX brand is only available online in France.
It was also exciting because the brand is the lates acquisition from the L’Oreal group and I can’t wait to see how NYX will grow in the next year.
Regarding the products I was lucky to be offered gifts from the brand and can’t wait to try them!
Here are some pictures of the event and make sure to check the nyx website in your location















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