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Natural Hair Academy Paris / Preview

Hi dolls! So this week-end I was lucky enough to cover the Natural Hair Academy in Paris!
I almost wasn’t able to attend because of work but destiny wanted me there lol!
Basically this was THE event you couldn’t miss if you were a Parisian girl with afro hair.
I say afro because not everybody who attended was all in the natural hair thing.
Sometimes I felt a little hatred from girls rocking their natural locks which to me is great for those who want to go natural but PLEASE give respect to those who want to straighten their hair or still love relaxing !
Every girl has her own story, her own hair and her own reason to do what they want.
Also some people assume that if you straighten your hair you’re not natural which is my case and I find it funny that so many people still think I relax. I don’t take it personnaly because I don’t care what people think but it made me feel bad for other girls who get judged on their hair choices.
I really want to point out that if you do you let other girls do themselves. Right?!
Now back to this even which was pretty awesome not only because of the theme but to me it was  amazing to see that many women there to learn more about hair and it was about time they/we got the answers to the questions we’ve been asking ourselves for so long.
Especially in France where I live now and most of the ‘general’ hairdressers can’t deal with afro hair and where we LACK of information on how to do the right thing.
Especially since every type of hair is different!
It was a beautiful thing to see all these women listening carefully and not feeling ashamed to own themselves.
Here are some pictures I took there! I will get more into detail really soon because there’s so much I want to share from this Natural Hair Academy, tips, stories and products…
So please stay tuned for the next articles!
Also if you’re a french reader I will write an article in french for AFROKANLIFE 












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