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Marc Jacobs Beauty Launch Party

March 6th marked the official french launch of the Marc Jacobs Beauty line in Paris.
It was also my birthday so I was totally down for the party.
My friend Yann the assistant manager of the boutique in Place St Honore invited me to join the event to see from my own eyes what was up with the make up.
And have to say it’s pretty awesome!
 I was not expecting so much product quality.
I tried the eye shadow palette which is very pigmented and I like that you don’t have to put a ton of product to see the results. The lipsticks and lipglosses were cute and all but the shades didn’t made the cut for me except for the classic red ones.
Also the packaging is the cutest and perfectly matches the Marc Jacobs universe.
Now the prices are little high compared to other brands, but I guess that’s how luxury fashion brands set their prices when they develop a makeup line. Just like Burberry and Armani makeup lines.
That’s why I ended up buying nothing because I didn’t know where to start also… We’ll see next time I stop by and take the time to try things out…












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