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Lush Cosmetics x Gratte Ciel

So I went over my mom’s house last week end and she told me about her new Lush purchase Gratte Ciel which is pretty much a shower exfoliating gel. And i gave it a try! 
Last summer Lush Cosmetics France sent me the solid shampoo and let me tell you it was awful for my hair. Went i got out of the shower my hair was dry and looked like a carpet so let’s say i’m scared to use any Lush products for my hair.
Still i like the brand for the fact that they have natural and organic products and are environmental frendly too.
As for the exfoliating gel it was quite good, not too harsh for the skin but still get the job done pretty well and the smell is not strong which I like when i’m using several products i don’t like mixing too many strong smells. 
And don’t worry the blue gel won’t plug or color your bath thub 😉
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