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Geneva Getaway

So I went away a few days to Geneva, Switzerland with my boyfriend and his brother.
It was my 2nd time there and I was little so I barely remembered the city.
I had such an amazing time! Geneva is sooo charming and relaxing place. 
People were really nice and I had a pretty good guide also 😉 
It was very refreshing to go away from Paris and find peace there.
They had a little festival going on downtown with concerts that was fun.
Basically my bf took me downtown to good places to visit and eat. 
My favourite were obviously the waterfront marina with the Jet D’eau! 
We rented a boat twice and navigated on the lake it was so much fun! I even took a swim and the water was so good. By the way the water there is just AMAZING! My skin and hair were soooo smooth during the whole trip. 
Also we made a stop at the Hotel Kempinski which is at also facing the lake, they have such an amazing view and a quiet/relaxing terrasse at the FloorTwo lounge bar.
For dinner the best I had there was at Lipp an amazing restaurant with a cute fountain (like in italy) the place is hidden between antique buildings and open to the sky which made it pretty magical.
I can’t really talk about the shops because I wasn’t there to go shopping but there’s a lot of crazy good stores there. Of course the famous watches!
Check out some pictures I took there! 

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