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Puma Street Party x Puma The Quest x Usain Bolt

Wednesday was the private Puma Street Party with the finalists of the dance competition Puma The Quest at Bus Palladium. 
I was kindly invited by Alex who works as a CM for Puma so I can do reports on social media/web.  
We arrived at the famous parisian club Bus Palladium where a lot of journalists were there for the press conference. 

The beautiful MTV host Hedia was there on stage to introduce us to the new Puma The Quest Dance Crew –  Here’s a little explanation : 

Early 2013, Puma launched a big dance contest in France in order to find the best dancers. They had to submit a video online and the 20 who got the most likes were able to get to the next step. In march the contestants competed agains each other in front of a jury made of French pros and only 5 remained. 
Since then they have been traveling around the world in cities where dance is at its best like New York, Berlin, Tokyo, London, Los Angeles and of course Paris. 
So wednesday was officially the end of their world tour, so they came back to Paris to tell us more about what this experience brought them. One of the dancers told us her best memory was when they went to LA to meet Tight Eyez, the creator of Krump. 


During the party they showed us what they got and I can tell they are really good. Each one of the members has a speciality and his universe which makes it open to all types of hip hop dances. 
Then came press conference of the fastest athlete in the world : Usain Bolt, who as we all know is one of the Puma atheletes. He came there to support his family, as he sait Puma has been in his life since the begining in 1996 (almost 10 years) and they have been a great support to his carreer. 
Usain answered a few questions and even showed us some dance moves with the crew and played some music for us. 
The party then started with french rapper Youssoupha who has so much energy on stage it’s crazy! 
I had a really good time at this event and want to thank the french Puma team for inviting me! 
Check out my articles on the 1st time I met Usain Bolt with Puma 2 years ago! HERE and HERE

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