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Black Fashion Week Montreal 2013

So last week I attended the first Black Fashion Week in Montreal by Adama Paris Events, it was a very interesting event since it was the first time such things were made.

I was really glad it took place in the church St Jean Baptiste in Montreal, it’s amazing, the lighting and decor flattered the show and gave it an epic artistic touch. The collections were fresh, colorful and trendy I didn’t know what to expect but the result was very good. I had a crush on a few dresses! I’d say the 3 designers that stood out were Helmer, Adama and Elie Kuame. Also the model chice was good there were some pretty bombs out there!! Lol!

Also I think this show is a good thing for the afro-caribbeans and everybody that loves the black culture, our society is too focused on the mainstream brands and it doesn’t help the new creators who want to share their style.

On another note the main designer+founder of the Black Fashion week is one of the 15 most influencal african women acording to Madame Figaro magazine with more than 10 years of experience in high fashion. During her speach she said that it would be such a wonderful thing if ‘black’ fashion was as appreciated and known as black music and I totally agree with her!

She’s also an exemple for all the business women out there!
I can see how things are going in an interesting direction and look forward to attend the next edition!

I had a good time and the shows were nice, here are my favorite pictures of the show and some I took with my crappy phone !


The beautiful St-Jean Baptiste church

 Runway from Elie Kuame

Chilling with my friends after the show

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