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Toronto x Caribana Fest

Hey so I went to Toronto for the Caribana Festival weekend and had a blast!
For real it was such a great weekend of fun with my girls =)
We went there from friday to monday with 5 friends from MTL and stayed at the Delta Hotel downtown but we ended up partying and chilling at other hotels and nice spots. 
This event is really interesting because a lot of young adults and caribbean people come to the city to have a good time so it’s a really positive energy that’s going on and I liked it.
Especially because I have caribbean background and I haven’t been there in like 3 years so I kind of miss it. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there but it’s awesome, people are so nice, I love the ocean so I’m in heaven there, food is so good and I have so many memories there with my family and friends.
Back to Caribana, so yes it was nice meeting people there coming from new york, miami, trinidad, tobago, bahamas and so many other places =) 
 That’s me chilling at our hotel’s rooftop pool with a really nice view of downtown Toronto
Of course there’s no party without drinks so we headed to the liquor store to get party-ready =)  
That was my outfit of the parade red and black like Trinidad even if I’m not from there =)  
 The Western Union band 
 Ready to dance soca!! 
 2 of my friends 
 Party at the Westin Hotel at the Lakeshore 
 That’s the view from the pool at the Westin
 Pool party =) 
 Tickets for the Def Jam party it was hosted by Pusha T and Wacka Flocka, it was really nice except that the DJ kept on giving shout-outs all night and it was annoying 
 The view from our room
 Chilling at the pool with friends 
The view from the rooftop pool 
 Pool party number 2 
 Night view 
 Rooftop party at the Skybar – Guvernment club 
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