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EM Cafe =)

Pretty cool place for brunch, we found this nice restaurant in the Mile-End area.
Fresh fruits, smoothies, eggs and toasts, if you want to have a good meal while enjoying wifi.
The whole thing is very healthy =) They even provide gluten free meals and stuff.

Our food philosophy is healthy home cuisine.  In our minds, food represents a chance to connect — to each other, to nature and to ourselves. This is why we bake our own organic onion wheat bread and make our soups from scratch. We buy organic whenever possible, and we include at least one vegetarian soup and dish in all our daily specials. And when it’s time for dessert, there’s a variety of goodies to choose from (see the gallery below for a small sampling).
We’re also firm in our commitment to keep the experience affordable. We want you to be able to come often, whether it’s to share a coffee with a friend, lunch with a business colleague, an intimate dinner, or a Sunday brunch with your family. So much can happen when we relax into the magic of a shared meal, so we do everything in our power to foster that magic.
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