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Housewarming Party / Bday Bash in MTL

Here are some okay pictures I’m willing to share of our housewarming party. Not that don’t want to share it with you but I’m not sure to remember all parts of it LOL!
So yeah we had a great time, a DJ got us dancing all night long and I even saw a raccoon for the 1st time (I’ll get back to that story later lol) people are so nice here. I think it’s the perfect boost I needed =)

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  1. Anonymous dit :

    OMG is that Tamsir on the third pic?? loool so funny to see that i follow ure blog and find out that you know people i know from…Ouaga !!!!! Le monde est trop petit mdr ! anyway keep up with the great blog 😉

  2. CeciliaOnline dit :

    Lol yes its him but his of my roommates friend I dont know him =/

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