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#KONY2012 what’s the real story?

Ok so I’ve been really moved by the whole KONY2012 thing. I mean in a way it’s actually good to see people getting involved in a cause BUT people don’t really look deeper in the cause. I just read a very interesting article on what’s really behind this Kony video.

I won’t say that I totally agree but here’s what I think : I’ve seen so many people sharing the video but not really paying attention to what it was given to see. There’s always 2 or more sides of a story. We’ve only seen the video from our prospective….
Let’s be honest I’m not the best person to discuss this matter especially because I don’t have all the knowledge needed for this but I found this video from a Ugandan journalist really interesting…
Basically she’s saying that Kony is no longer in Uganda and the government knows it for 5-6 years… And the situation is worse in Congo. Wonder why nobody is talking about that right? Well let me just say that Uganda is a land that has petrol sources so yeah.. Just watch the video and you’ll know another part of the story. 


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