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So I’ve been in my new house for a week know, time goes too fast OMG! I’ve been so sick these past 2 weeks I didn’t even enjoy my first week here =( Tuesday was my birthday and I went to the movies with my roommate to see The Artist (which I found funny and cute but boring…) Anyways so yeah basically I’ve been settling up and tryna figure out how to decorate my room…

Eventually I would like to get back to vlogging so I can share my experience. We’ll see =)
I might also write an article on how and why I moved here because some of you requested it and even though I’ve talked about it in previous posts It’s never been really clear… Just so you know I’m not here on vacation I’m a young professional so yeah I work and have bills to pay! 
Also I wanted to go out and take pictures of this amazing city BUT the weather has been so tricky I quit! When I got there last week it was minus 20. Yesterday it was plus 10 and this morning it’s minus 2… Like wtf how do you DONT get sick with such weather… 
Here are some pictures I took with boredom … And no I don’t spend my whole day taking pictures of myself lol! 

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