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Welcome to MTL

Yeah!! I’m finally there!!! I’ve been waiting for this day for EVER! So glad to be there, everything is good, I have a great place to stay with awesome roommates. 
Also got my work permit so I’m ready to chase that paper lol! Unfortunately I’ve been sick these last few days so I didn’t enjoy it as I might but I’m feeling a bit better. There’s so many things to see and to do here I can’t wait to go out. Saturday we’re having a house warming party and might also celebrate my birthday (yayy!) 
 It’s really exciting to move abroad, I mean sometimes I feel lonely but it’s a fresh start so it’s up to me to build something here so I can be comfortable =) 
People are really nice here and it’s funny to be in a fully bilingual area where people can switch from english to french in the same sentence without problem!
Here are some pictures I took from my place I’ll make sure to update more things asap !
Xoxo Cici ! 

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Cecilia Linval is a French Caribbean lifestyle blogger with a focus on beauty and travel. Cecilia's expertise also includes digital communication & marketing which she provides consulting services.

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