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So I almost spent my whole weekend at the Mama Shelter and let me tell you ‘All I did is EAT EAT EAT no matter what’ lool !
My stomach still hurts!
My bf and I got downstairs really early in the morning for breakfast, where we got BACON (best thing in the world) and some other good stuff.

Then headed to bed for a movie since it was freezing outside!
The lady at the desk called us for brunch time in the afternoon and war was declared haha here are some pictures of the main restaurant.
I can’t remember how much was breakfast (I think it comes in the room fare) but the brunch is around 40 and believe me you will get out of there full as the moon!
This place is really nice and the staff is adorable the only bad thing is that there’s no room service and you can’t take away the food from the restaurant in the rooms.

I had a really good time and even got my bestie and good friends over the afternoon to have drinks!


 See the failed attempt to open the egg, I won’t say a thing or hes gonna kill me LOL 
 I Hated to school chairs BTW It hurts! And my bf is too tall to stand in it LOL
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