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Heartbreak Hotel

More pictures of my week-end. 
This is actually a part of the hotel room. Really cozy with grey walls and the decor was kind of a mix of modern and kitsch art which is cool. The tv screen was an imac where we could watch movies and take pictures. The bed was great but would be better if wider…. 
Thats pretty much all I have to say about the room, oh I didn’t really like the bathroom, it looked like a hospital shower with no curtains.. Lol 
 I see you! 
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 
 We got dinner there before going to a show. I believe there’s also a pizzeria that I have to try someday. I would recommend making reservations for dinner time since I went there with 6 people and it was packed!
The nighttime menu was pretty nice, we shared salmon salad and avocado mix as appetizer and I got smoked salmon with veggies and thai sauce which was delicious =) 
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  1. Mymou dit :

    yummy !!!! thanks to you now I am hungry!! what time is it already?? ah ah ah ah

  2. CeciliaOnline dit :

    LOL !! I'm hungry again! haha

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