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Winter Break part 2.

Here are the last pictures from my winter trip. I really had a blast and was kind of sad to go back to Paris. But also excited because I’m leaving in less than a month =) I’ll keep you updated soon with the story ūüėČ

Oh I forgot there was also drama during my trip lol we got caught up in a crazy fight were people were pretty¬†badly¬†injured, it happened in a Bowling place and 2 groups of drunk guys got into a fight using all the craziest thing they could find to hurt each other. Like smashing someone’s head with a bowling bowl or hitting people in the face with a pool stick!!! Insane right? Just like in the movies I swear. Crazy!!

Anyways it happened that one of the group of drunk/crazy guys were our¬†neighbors¬†lol! Like how can this be? We called the cops but left the place before they came because the fight got way too outta line and the guys who were getting their asses whooped wouldn’t listen to us….

¬†I’m thinking about editing a video of my trip with the footages I took with my camera but I have no clue when it will be uploaded since I have to get all my friends videos too…

Here are the last pictures of my trip =)

Cutest resort ever! With all the late christmas lights 
Little cozy bar on top of the mountain where the red slopes start 

Yummm french cheese fondue one of my favorite winter dishes 
Cheers to my freaking visa to Canada !!! 
Chillin in the balcony I swear I’m not cold lol¬†
Me and my good friend Kams from the balcony of our house
Hum the cold winter…¬†
Really cozy place from the village 
Our place! It was a duplex all wooden cabin right in front of the slope access =)
View from the 1st ski run
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