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Holy shit I’m finally MOVING!!! I’ve been waiting for too long my work permit for Canada!

Now I have it I can pack my stuff and leave!! Wait… No…. It’s not that easy lol! So for the little story I’ve applied for my work visa in November and have been through a lot with the Canadian embassy and immigration service. This shit ain’t a joke I’m telling you! Anyways now I can celebrate my visa in peace and will say peace to Paris in less than a month =)
The painfull thing is the moving part : There’s a brand new registration with the luggages of french air companies. Now you can only carry 1 free suitcase and the second is charged almost 80 box. Before this new registration you could bring 2 free cases and the 3rd was charged. Which makes my moving a little more furstating since i’m a girl and carry a lot of thing with me.
I went through all the moving websites and they’re fees are hella expensive (around $500 for 1 box..)

I decided not to bring so many thing and to try to get rid of my stuff that I have at my parent’s house.
If you guys have any ideas where I could sell some stuff let me know or if you have any tips for moving abroad too =)

Here are some cute pictures of my future hometown !

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