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Aldo x Paris

Hey guys how are you? It’s been a little while and I wanted to give you a feedback on what’s been going on =)

Last week I went to the 2nd Aldo store in Paris (Rivoli Street, right around the Louvre’s corner)

I’ve been pretty excited to see what would an Aldo store look like in France and well…. I’m a little confused here. I don’t know if first of all the buyers are the same that in the US/UK?
I gotta say the selection in that store was king of cheap-quality-looking…
No offense but I thought it would look a little more like what the foreign Aldo stores provide…

I saw some items that were on their website but none of all the exciting collections I saw abroad.

Anyways I think it needs time for a foreign brand to settle down in a new country and to adapt to another shopping experience.

I’m definitely going back to see what’s coming up for the next season =)

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