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#Spotted : New stores in Paris

2 huge new stores just oppened in Paris, Champs Elysees area last month.
I went there to see how it was and yeah I was quite disapointed again… (sigh)
The thing is that they keep opening huge concept stores in Paris and it’s all good BUT sometimes I feel like they don’t even think about the places they put it and what’s their target.
For example the Champs Elysee area is well known all over the world and everybody BUT Parisians go there to shop! I mean yeah we go there sometimes but its rare that we think about this place to go shopping. Anyways that’s just my point of view, I don’t get it. I mean I get it thats marketing but please…
Especially when it’s brands that are part of the american/english culture and are pretty much regular stores. When you go abroad do you see a 30′ line in front of Abercrombie or Marks & Spencer?
This whole thing is overrated…
Here are some pictures I took though !

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