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New trend : Lip Tattoo

Hey guys!! I just found a brand new trend that’s original : the temporary lip tattoo!! I’ve seen it on then on Kim Kardashian (who tweeted a photo) and on a few other websites too.

It’s quite different to actually see the trend in action (and no less, on a Kardashian). What do you think? Are they fab or terrifying? If you’re brave enough to rock the patterned lips look — which come in fun patterns such as polka-dot, leopard, and American flag — you can snag them for $14.95 at

After the nail design industry has released minx nail designs starting a real frenzy, a very similar concept seems to have been applied for lips as well. The Violent Lips brand, created by music manager Jeff Haddad and his partner Lori Magnier has made it possible for adventurous fashionistas to wear their favorite trend on their lips-literally. Featuring a myriad of daring patterns, the tattoos come in three packs and are said to last four to eight hours depending on skin type and care.

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