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Style Files : Lala Vasquez Style

I recently watched the show Lala’s Full Court Life and it really inspired me.

If you guys don’t know who Lala is, she’s an actress, tv host, and wife of NY Knicks Carmelo Anthony.
She looks like a very strong women and it’s actually a good thing to see real women in the entertainment industry these days. Even though she hangs out with quite not such a role model named K.Kardashian.
She represents independent women.

Now, being called by many the “Queen of New York”, Lala Vasquez-Anthony never misses a beat. Whether she’s on the red carpet, sitting courtside at a Knicks game, being filmed for her smash reality show, or even getting caught unexpectedly by paparazzi with her girls, Lala is always is on her style game. From her hair and nails to her designer duds, Mrs. Anthony is now a trendsetting fashionista! 

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