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Get that Bright!

I say it all the time : your smile is the best cosmetic ever ! Some of you may be shy or may not be comfortable with their smile. That’s why I wanted to show you some easy tips just to have a better/beautiful/bright smile !

=) is not enough you should =D

Here are some products and the¬†frequencies I use them ūüėČ
Let me put my little disclaimer here : I’m not a teeth pro, I don’t have the best smile ever, I just want to share the products I use for my oral health.
Also, I recommend visiting your dentist twice a year minimum just to check if everything is right.

I never got my teeth fixed because I think they’re okay but I wish I could go back and wear braces to make em perfectly straight. If you have major problems it’s never too late to get it fixed by wearing braces at night. Just talk to your dentist about it and he’ll give you good answers.

For the best results I recommend these two!
I had never tried the white strips before and got really satisfied with the results within 10 days only. 
How to : 
I usually do this in once a day, just before I take my shower I apply the 2 trips on my teeth and just let it stay for 30-35 minutes while I continue to get ready. Then rince and brush with the paste 3x a day.
The taste is not really good and they tend to slip on your teeth a little bit but its okay.
They’re¬†affordable ($40) and the paste is $4 or something
I actually got this one in Canada so I don’t know if this brand is available¬†worldwide¬†BUT you can find the exact same thing with Listerine or Crest.
It’s a whitening mouthwash to use daily just like regular mouthwash after brushing your teeth or in the middle of the day to keep your breath fresh.
Hopefully this will answer your questions about smile =)
Feel free to comment below if you have other tips ^^
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